We aim to give transparency and power back to owners by delivering high standard of services to our existing and potential customer. We does not promise results, we promise progress to ensure a long term relationship to keep the keep the maintenance costs at the optimum level.

Issues In The Market

Lack of transparency
Lack of pro-active maintenance
Poor monitoring of maintenance issue

Why You Need This Service?

We provide professional management services with exclusive service focusing at quality of our services to ensure clients obtain maximum benefits with full transparency for stakeholder.

What Is This Service & What It Included?

  1. Routine building inspection
  2. Preventive maintenance on building facilities
  3. Repairs and maintenance on breakdowns
  4. Issue management
  5. Advise on Insurance coverage
  6. Monitoring and advice on upgrading works
  7. Conducting AGM / EGM
  8. Legal advise on tribunal case and other legal matters

Why It Is Different From The Market?

We practice remote monitoring culture where management team will able to access and monitor on the progress on issue on site via online system, and we take the smallest details into consideration.

We Offer Unique Living Experience To You

STRAQTA = Strategy, Quality, Tactful & Accomplishment.