We can provide professional advice on fund management to ensure the maintenance fund are manage properly and sufficient for long term repairs and upgrading.

Issues In The Market

Poor financial control results in poor maintenance job
Failure to perform bank reconciliation resulted in owner payment was not updated
No proper handover from previous managing agent

Why You Need This Service?

We provide in depth analysis of the financial position and to provide professional advice to JMB / MC on the financial to maximise their cashflow and improve debt recovery.

What Is This Service & What It Included?

  1. Preparation of monthly management account
  2. Computation of Maintenance Fee
  3. Tracking of financial record with budget
  4. Preparation of Budget
  5. Monthly financial review

Why It Is Different From The Market?

We practice remote monitoring culture where management team will able to access and monitor on the progress on issue on site via online system, and we take the smallest details into consideration.

We Offer Unique Living Experience To You

STRAQTA = Strategy, Quality, Tactful & Accomplishment.