We provide solution to reduce long term solution on common area defect by protecting owners’ rights by ensuring all common area defects are identified during handover from developer. In return, owners fund will be secure to ensure unnecessary costs being spend on common area defects.

Issues In The Market

Poor workmanship by developer
JMB / MC lack of technical knowledge to identified hidden problem upon handover

Why You Need This Service?

We provide professional building audit to ensure all building defect will be rectified accordingly and the specification are accordance to requirement to ensure the future benefit of owners are well protected.

What Is This Service & What It Included?

  1. Joint inspection with developer on common area defects upon formation of JMB / MC
  2. Facilitate handover and safekeeping of documents
  3. Set up Standard Operating Procedure and process flow

Why It Is Different From The Market?

We practice remote monitoring culture where management team will able to access and monitor on the progress on issue on site via online system, and we take the smallest details into consideration.

We Offer Unique Living Experience To You

STRAQTA = Strategy, Quality, Tactful & Accomplishment.